Indoor Astro Turf RC Racing is Back and Better Than Ever!

Indoor Astro Turf RC Racing is Back and Better Than Ever!

Indoor Astro Turf Off-Road RC Racing continues it's growth in the United States! Here are Maximus RC Raceway we are proud to feature an indoor climate controlled astro turf raceway.

Astro Turf (Artifical Grass) provides just the right amount of traction, cleanliness, and consistency racers love! Combine that with our Heat in the Winter and Air Conditioning in the Summer, you and your motors will always be comfortable.

We change the track layout every month to give regular racers and trackpass members an ever-changing and challenging experience. With each layout we include jumps both big and small, speed bumps, step downs, platforms, speed checks, chicanes, and more! We can keep even the most experienced drivers on their toes!

We offer plenty of Pit Space to accommodate 80+ drivers! We even have kids activities to help keep them occupied when not racing themselves.

If you are in Northern New England, and think you may be interested in RC racing, please come and stop by during one of our club races (Wednesday and Saturday from 5PM - 930PM) and we'd be happy to show you around and talk about racing.

With a Track Pass membership you can access our track 24 hours a day/7 days a week/ 365 Day a year! I personally have spent hours and hours at the track with my membership until the late hours of the night!

I hope to see you at the track soon,

- Norman Ng, Board of Directors, Secretary

  Maximus RC Raceway

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