Summer Points Series Round 1 - June 5th, 2019

Summer Points Series Round 1 - June 5th, 2019

Hello RC Racing Enthusiasts!

This past wednesday was the opening round of our summer points series! Our summer points series consists of 8 Rounds of racing throughout the summer. Racers earn points based on their finish in the Main race. The racer with the most accumulated points at the end of the series wins! It's a fun way to test a racer's consistency throughout a long stretch of races. This series will include two track layout changes which will keep drivers on their toes.

On this opening round we had a great turnout of 22 drivers and 31 entries.

During this series we are racing 5 classes:

13.5 4WD Buggy

13.5 Short Course Truck

13.5 Stadium Truck

17.5 Expert 2WD Buggy

17.5 2WD Buggy

13.5 4WD Buggy Was an exciting class to watch. In the B Main Jim McCormick won 1st place and bumped into the A Main, with Jason Howes in 2nd Place and Dan White in 3rd.

In the A main race it was a contested battle for the top 3 spots between John Cravotta, Tyler McCormack, and Brian Kaye. Tyler McCormack enjoyed a pretty lengthy lead. Tyler even turned an incredible 13.847 second fast lap! The battle to watch was for 2nd between John and Brian which was close. Tyler ended up taking the Win with John Cravotta in 2nd, and Brian Kaye in 3rd.

13.5 Short Course truck was next. Mike Whitten started the race in the first grid position and he was going for his 3rd straight week of wins in this class. Jaimeson Ritter however did not let that happen. Jaimeson surpassed Mike in the early laps and ended up taking the 1st place spot. Mike Whitten took second place. The real battle on the track was for 3rd place. Ben Jamer, and Rick Shepard had a lengthy mult-lap battle. Rick overshot the turn coming down the waivy straight and rolled into the wall. That opportunity led Ben to take the 3rd spot in the final laps.

13.5 Stadium Truck was another excellent example of racing. All top 3 positions were in a highly contested battle! The final was decided in the very last lap with Dallas Menard taking 1st, Phil only a tenth of second behind for 2nd place, and Sean Lemieux in 3rd.

17.5 Expert Buggy is a very competitive class. The fastest drivers at Maximus opt to race this class to put themselves on the very limit of competition. This race ended with Tyler taking the Win, with Dan Ftizgerald in 2nd, and John Cravotta in 3rd.

17.5 Buggy is always a popular class, and was split into two heats. In the B Main, Norman Ng took the 1st place win, with Troy Higgins taking 2nd, and Ben Jamer 3rd. Norman Ng took the bump to the A Main. His grid position was #5 and he moved into 2nd place behind Jim McCormick in the opening lap. Jim McCormick would end up taking the 1st place win. Jaimeson Ritter was right on Norman's tail as he fought for the 2nd place spot. Norman and Jaimeson changed positions several times. In the end Norman was able to maintain his 2nd place finish with Jaimeson taking 3rd.

What a great start to our summer series! The top overal winners for the night were awarded newly designed trophies. Each entry tonight also earned a raffle ticket for Team Scream Batteries and Motors which will be drawn at the end of the series.

If you missed round 1, don't worry come and join us for Round 2. Casual drivers can drop in at any point and race with us!

For more information be sure to check out our Facebook Page! Round 2 is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12th at 7:00 PM

- Norman Ng

  Maximus RC Raceway Board of Directors Secretary 



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